Review: Sacrilege Beer Mac & Cheese​

On a journey to a work event, a friend/colleague and I stopped at Sacrilege Brewery. There was Mac & Cheese on the menu, so I ordered it (are you seeing a pattern here?). This was unique because it was beer mac & cheese. I don’t really drink beer, so it was a bit odd for me to get this, but I had to try it. The beer taste was strong. Like really strong. My friend who does drink beer even said it was too much for her. It was basically beer noodles. There was little cheese flavor. We left nearly the whole bowl; I never do that. Never! That would be…sacrilege!!

Tastiness. Um, not that yummy. The beer was overpowering and we really couldn’t taste any cheese. What is Mac without Cheese? Rating: 1

Texture. The texture of the noodles was fine, traditional elbow macaroni. Acceptable. Rating: 3

Creaminess. Not creamy. At all. Just beer-y. Rating: 1

Presentation. Nothing special, standard restaurant serving. Though they did give us a ton, so I’m gonna give them a little higher score for that. Rating: 2.

Toppings. Is beer a topping? No? Okay, then no topping choices. Rating: 1

If you don’t need your Mac and Cheese to be super creamy like I do, if you like the taste of beer and you don’t need your Mac & Cheese to taste like cheese, then you are weird. And you might like this. But I for one would not order it again. But, Sacrilege itself is a cool place, and the other food we had was DELISH. So I do recommend the brewery overall, just not this particular item.


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