Work took me to San Diego and one night my friends and I went out to dinner with an amazing Mac & Cheese menu. So of course, we tried it! We each ordered a different type of Mac & Cheese and spoiler alert: they were all incredible!


I ordered the Hog Ranch (because in addition to Mac & Cheese, I LOVE ranch dressing), Kathy ordered Brussels Heaven, and Scott ordered the Bleu Shroom.


Tastiness. OH. MY. YUM. These were incredible. The blends of all the different flavors and toppings were just perfect. Yes, even with brussel sprouts. I mean, look at those pictures! I had ranch dressing, bread crumbs, bacon, and green onion. Pure joy in my mouth. Rating: 5

Texture: The noodles were perfectly cooked, and I loved the big spiral noodles. Nom nom!! Rating: 5

Creaminess. So creamy. I think mine had an extra dose of creaminess from the rand dressing, but sauce was just perfect. Rating: 5

Presentation. Cute bowl/plate and the toppings looked great on it. I think they did a great job of making it look good! Rating: 5

Toppings. Um, did you see the menu above? Look at those options! It was incredible. I didn’t know Mac & Cheese like this existed. So, my rating system for previous reviews is a little skewed, because this place is truly a 5. So I’m going to have to give it a 5++. I will say though that the brussel sprouts were a bit large; it would have been nice to have them cut smaller. But they were still delish. Rating: 5++

I will for sure be going to San Diego again and for sure be going back for this Mac & Cheese. Without a doubt!

Hog Ranch
Brussels Heaven
Bleu Shroom


(PS: follow me on Instagram to see more photos from San Diego and check out my travel blog-I’ll be posting about my trip to the Mission Basicila San Diego de Alcala soon!)


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